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Posted by LeeG on Nov 12, 2005

Do the same thing inside the compartments that you did on the deck,,attach loops of webbing or d-rings in various spots for bungies. I find it helps to have one dry bag or one dry box attachment that's easily installed/removed. The chines are a fine place to put a couple attachment points. Then get a couple feet of 3/16" bungie with a plastic clip on one end. You could loop the bungie between the chines. For a quick acces the doubled bungie could go over a dry bag near the bulkhead. You can put a couple looped pieces of webbing through the front bulkead for holding a small bag or box against the bulkhead with bungies. You should probably look at utilizing the cockpit space better for things that don't require a 9"x22" or larger drybag. One of the best places is right on the floor of the cockpit in front of your seat and between your knees. Two or four attachment points on the floor of the kayak so you can lace some bungies tightly over the dry box. It's a much better place to put lunch or emergency items than the compartments. I've had a kayak tumble to the beach with me maytagged out and the box stayed behind. Perfect size for a lunch. Float bags can be useful but are a maintenance bother,,and really aren't a practical flotation backup unless the entire compartment is filled with the bag. Try a rescue with a half flooded compartment and you'll see why it's not really a backup. For general purpose tether a 2'x3/16" bungie with plastic clip can be used for everything from pumps to securing items to webbing/d-ring anchors.

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