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Posted by Chris on Nov 11, 2005

Great question. My wife is really into adventure racing and I dabble a little bit myself. In fact, we just got back from AR nationals in Tampa last weekend. Lots of good times in the neck-deep swamp.

As far as recommending a boat, that depends on what the adventure races in your area use. Here in the Southeast, pretty much every race puts three racers in a canoe. The only kayak we've ever used in a race was a tandem for Coast to Coast in Florida. We paddle kayaks just for fun and fitness. My wife has a Pax 18 and I have a WR18. Hers is faster but doing an adventure race or even a weekend kayaking trip is totally out of the question because storage is limited. Mine is almost as fast and includes plenty of storage to fit packs/water/gear, etc.

If your region of the country is similar, you just need to decide what you want to paddle for fun. I'd love to build a Pax 20 for training but I would never give up my WR18 since it allows me to go on multi-day trips.

That probably didn't help...


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