Cetol Light for Deck

Posted by Charlie Tuna on Nov 10, 2005

Finishing up a CLC 17LT and considering using the Silken's Cetol Light and Cetol Gloss for the deck surface. The hull has been painted with Brightsides.

I have used the Cetol Marine on teak work on the power boat and have been very pleased with its UV resistance and long life when compared to other marine varnishes. My only complaint is the orange tint that it produces.

I am curious to what degree if any the Cetol Light has in terms of the orange tint. Literature indicates is does not have as much but that does not give me a good feeling about putting it on the deck. I want the natural finish of the wood to shine through.

So if anyone has used this combination on their deck, I would appreciate your comments or better yet any pics.

Thanks Charlie