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Posted by Mike on Nov 1, 2005


I live in the Puget Sound area too, and have not had any major problems with standard 6 oz glass on a Pygmy Artic Tern. That being said, I made a Night Heron S&G this year, that I plan to use in rock gardens and surf on the coast. I used a double layer of satin weave 6 oz s-glass on the outside and some satin weave 5 oz cloth that has tested stronger in tension than standard s-glass. The kayak is 18' long, yet weighs in at about 35 pounds. I wanted it very tough yet light. I achieved my goal.

I got the idea for the satin weave 6 oz s-glass from Ted Henry. He did some fiberglass ding tests and the results are discussed at


Fiberglass ding tests

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