Re: Sail for the MC 16.5

Posted by terry on Oct 27, 2005

We made a sail rig for the MC 16.5 pretty much according to CLC's suggestions. It is an unstayed, balanced lug rig with no jib. Couldn't be much simpler. We ordered the mast from CLC and made the sail from a SailRite kit we bought on the web (this was very tough on our portable home sewing machine, I might add - $90 in repairs).

I mounted two small jam cleats on the inboard side of the coaming, just aft of midships. This allows me to cleat the sheet on either side to improve the windward performance just a bit.

Besides the sail, the big work was in fabricating the leeboard and bracket. The CLC machined parts for this project were very useful. You'll also need at least the tandem rudder. A better rudder blade with more lift would improve performance even more (on my too-long-to-do-it-all-to-do list).


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