Re: kevlar LT17

Posted by Howard on Oct 26, 2005

if it's rocks that you are worried about, your focus probably needs to be on extra protection for your chines and keel at the bow and stern of your boat. I don't think kevlar, as a hull covering material, would really make the boat show less wear and tear. it may make it more puncture/tear resistant....but that's really what protecting from rock damage is about.

i can't speak personally how easy it is to work with kevlar and the ability to use it as a hull glassing material. i understand you need special tools to cut it, and it does not wet out, bend, sand and drill easily as regular glass/epoxy.

the folks who deal a lot with the rocks are often putting sacrificial brass strips along their keel at the bow and stern. Alternative approaches include building up rub-strips out of glass or dynel and thickened epoxy. these approaches protect the boat at the locations most likely to touch the rocks.

But even these approaches require that the sacrificial strips are periodically replaced as they get worn down. however, they do do a good job of protecting the main hull from rock damage as long as they are in place.

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