Kayak wear protection

Posted by GavinH on Oct 17, 2005

I'm currently looking at different options to help reduce wear on the bow and stern. For the past 6 months I used a length Gaffa tape to give me an idea on where the damage occurs.

Now that I have an idea where, I've been looking different established solutions: dynel, brass strip, extra glass, etc. But this didn't stop me from coming up with some alternative solutions: Stainless steel woven strapping (used for earth bonding)is very flexible, comes in a variety to widths and thickness. It should mould easily to the hull, and the glue would be penetrate well into the weave. Estimated lifespan: lifetime of boat. Problem would be replacing it(?), as the only way to remove it would be with a 4" grinder... Sparks and wooden boats: not real good. Devcon (Boiler Maker in a jar): This two-part epoxy based metal product should be easy to apply. Just sand&tape off area, mix, and sculpt. Once it wears through, just repeat previous proceedure.

The Devcon solution is probably what I'm going with at this stage (just happen to have a jar), but I'm just interested in your collective thoughts.