Re: Double Ender

Posted by Brian P on Oct 17, 2005

Good point, I intended to provide a reason for my symmetrical desires. Well, I want to build a shunting proa (requires the main hull to work equally well in both directions), yet I want it to be paddleable also (though I understand some compromises will be made). I�ve wondered if the symmetry would lead to increased weather helm. If the weather helm is not excessive, this would be acceptable, since I would want to sail it when the wind came up.

After my post I noticed the new Shearwater design, which is almost symmetrical. So, once plans are available, this may be the design to build symmetrically and have the least paddling performance compromise. Any thoughts?

As for proas, the CLC has a good design (and description) of a shunting proa, the Mbuli. However, I want something that is more easily paddled when becalmed (either with or without the outrigger).


In Response to: Re: Double Ender by Dave on Oct 15, 2005