Pass out the cigars

Posted by gober on Oct 14, 2005

TWIN kayaks are born! Last thursday I loaded both my Mc 13's up and headed to Florida from Texas. The paddles I made were still tacky when we left. We drove 1200 miles to Jacksonville at which point I gave one of the boats to my twin brother. He loved it. Then we headed south to Johnathan Dickinson State Park and stayed one night. At the state park we performed sea trials. This was the first time the boats ever floated. They handled great. We went for about a 2 hour paddle. When we got back to the ramp I had to argue with a guy. He thought there was no way I built the yaks. He insisted I bought them, to this day I dont think he believed me. Then we loaded up and headed to the Florida keys. We drove to Bahia Honda State Park where we stayed 2 nights. The boats handled great in the gulf and in the Atlantic. We tied up to the old bridge and fished for hours, we caught 28 fish that afternoon. Then we went to Key West for one night. Every place we took those boats people stoped and stared. When we finally left for home we passed some guy in Lousianna, he followed us 10 miles then exited off the highway just to ask about the boats. We drove over 3,600 miles. My car suffered severly on it MGP. I usually get 37 mpg but loaded down only got 25 mpg. We had the best time on this trip. It was a trip that I had been planning for about two years. I enjoyed spending time with my dad and twin brother. Bottom line set goals and stick to 'em! Pictures to come.