Re: fabric decks?

Posted by T Harper on Oct 14, 2005

My friend Mike added deck beams and stringers very similar to the deck structure of a traditional skin on frame kayak. (The area behind the combing usually has 2 or 3 stringers which will indeed support a paddlers weight)

As for fastening the fabric to the hull he simply glued it. It also has foam bulkheads and hatches.

This boat rolls like a dream and is supper light. He also added a skeg cut from a piece of plastic cutting board.

If using nylon fabric or canvas you could leave a lip projecting above the shear clamps then drill it to accept stiching. Seal it well with polyurathene or paint and your good to go.

In Response to: Re: fabric decks? by Lenny Flank on Oct 13, 2005