Shearwater 17 (LT???)

Posted by Chris H on Oct 13, 2005

Now I know there is always that guy that is never happy, even with a good thing. I'm usually not that guy. "But" (oh no, I said it!) in this case I am that guy! I have been looking at the Shearwater 17 and admiring its fine looks and probable fine performance characteristics. Yet after looking over the basic statistics and seeing it has a 22 1/4 beam, I felt as if the bartender of life just passed me a half-empty glass of beer. So yes, I want more beer, and in saying that, I would like less beam. So here is my question. What is the possibility and ramifications of trimming the design of the Shearwater 17 to have, ahhh.... just to throw out a number say something like a 21 inch beam? There it is, I said it! Just a note, I wear a 10 � shoe, and a Shearwater LT with a 21 inch beam seams like it would be a good fit. Also note that I built a CH17 standard a few years ago. The CH17 is fine for now. I can do bracing, rolling and sculling in it. I�m just now looking for something a lot more playful.