Re: fabric decks?

Posted by FrankP on Oct 13, 2005

I've seen several SOFs that have hatches, so it could definitely be done. You could just build a bulkhead directly under a thin deck beam and a frame between deck beams to support a hatch cover. I think all the ones I have seen have been the PVC type hatches, but I'm sure you could make them another way. Or just put a 6 inch diameter inspection port in the bulkhead.

I think the hardest part (obviously) would be the transition but if you used a PVC deck, you could definitely just glue the deck to the hull, just like overlapping fiberglass on a wooden deck. I'm not sure you could do it with the "standard" HH-66 glue most people use for PVC, but you might be able to.

If you used 8 oz nylon you can essentially put nails along the sheer to hold the deck and then seal the edges to the sheer with glue before sealing the deck with polyurethane or sealant of your choice. You might not even need to use the glue with the right choice of sealant--it would just sort of glue the nylon to the wood automatically.

Interesting concept...certainly something to think about for a project in the future.


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