Re: Do I need a kayak?

Posted by Dave S on Oct 12, 2005

The Short answer to your question is, yes , you need a kayak.

As for sleeping, you don't need a beach to sleep. All you have to do is get above the high water mark in the woods. AS far as creature comforts, you can take an awful lot of stuff in a Chessie 18. I know a guy who built one and he says there's more storage than you can use for weekend trips and two week jaunts are not at all out of the question. Sleeping bags and bivy sacs, lightweight tents, hammocks , etc are all out there for the taking and they are adaptable to a variety of conditions.

Just don't forget the cast iron frypan and dutch oven for the cooking chores!


In Response to: Do I need a kayak? by James on Oct 10, 2005