Re: New Shearwater Design

Posted by George K on Oct 12, 2005


The speed of any kayak is directly related to the ability of the paddler. I have a WR18 that is faster than my wife's CH17LT but when we switch boats the CH17LT is faster. That being said, the new Shearwater will be a faster boat than the 17LT based on hull design. I got a chance to look at it but didn't paddle it but it has sweet lines. And I don't believe it will need a skeg. Should track well.

I was recently in a race with many types of kayaks including wood, fiberglass, kevlar and even an inflatable (Guess who finished last!). The Pax 18 kicked butt. There was another WR18 in it also and he beat me. Of course he was 20 years younger than me and that's my excuse! Or could have been the afore mentioned ability!

George K

In Response to: New Shearwater Design? by Jonathan Raab on Oct 11, 2005