Re: flat aft deck on CH14

Posted by Jim S on Oct 11, 2005


I have looked over the drawings for the Chesapeake and it seems that once the deck is fixed to the shear, increasing the radius of the deck will cause the shears to be drawn in and may cause a "pinched" look to the hull. Also, the area of the deck at the stern will try to take on the increased radius and may seperate from the shears at that point. I'd leave things alone. Aside from removing the deck and re-installing it, I see one other possible fix. You could cut the rear hatch opening and cut from the rear of the hatch opening, right down the center of the deck to the stern. Place a deck beam of the proper radius about 12" back from the hatch opening and to close things up, use a three inch wide strip of 3mm ply to place over the seam. It can be feathered in and the glassed over. Hatch stiffeners will stiffen the area near the hatch. Other than that, I wouldn't know what else to do.

Good luck with it. Jim S

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