Re: flat aft deck on CH14

Posted by Howard on Oct 11, 2005

i also built a 14. it was the only boat i had some difficulty with on deck radiuses. i think it is probably because it used 3mm mahogony which is not as stiff as 4mm for the it is harder to get a uniform deck, particularly when it tends towards the flats like the rear of the hull. when it is tensioned, like the front works just fine.

in my case, we caught it before the epoxy was set...and we redid the rear deck....doing it again very carefully.

if it is noticeable, i would put a deck beam under the deck after i cut my hatch holes. i would wait to do my deck glass until after i had put the deck beam in. no need to steam the wood, just use some scrap 4mm and actually make a deck beam by cutting 3 pieces of 4 mm 3/4 to 1 inch deep that is cut to the right radius that spans the place in the hull you want. (they should look like arcs) sandwich 3 of the 4mm together with thickened epoxy...and you have a deck beam. epoxy it all around to waterproof it. then install it with some cabosil thickened epoxy under the deck. try to make sure you tie it into the shear clamps. it should not just attach to the deck.

that is what i would try.

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