Posted by CLC on Oct 8, 2005

No, only epoxy fillets AND tape should be used to hold the pieces and parts together.

Silicone caulk and epoxy aren't compatible; silicone makes an excellent release agent for epoxy. Caulks and so forth are good for keeping the water out of fastener holes, not much else.

You could go without the tape if the fillets were large and very carefully applied: epoxy is THAT strong. It takes more skill than we can count on to pull that off, so we don't recommend it. Likewise, a tiny fillet would still hold the sides and bottoms together if buttressed with 'glass tape.

The system of hull assembly as laid out in our plans and instructions is at a very high pitch of refinement, and while there are a thousand alternate ways to do it that might work, our way works EVERY TIME, all things being equal.

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