Re: ROS vs 1/4 sheet sand

Posted by Karl on Oct 8, 2005

There is a place for both, but if I had to pick just one, I'd go with the ROS. I have a 1/4 sheet palm sander, which I typically use on bare wood or edges because I find it easier to control the direction. I doesn't apply as much overall work to the surface. The 5" ROS on the other hand will remove material faster, but requires a little more attention in order to control it. It will work the epoxy better than the palm sander.

That being said, to get a truly smooth finish, there is no substitute for hand sanding. Use a carbide scraper first to knock down runs and drips, move on to the ROS for overall smoothing, then switch to sanding blocks/fairing boards to bring it the rest of the way in.

In Response to: Re: ROS vs 1/4 sheet sand by Mac on Oct 7, 2005