Re: lowering volume in Ch

Posted by Lenny Flank on Oct 8, 2005

Thanks. Been looking at the website here, and it sounds like something like the 16LT is just what I want. So I'm going to lower the sheers half an inch, make the back deck almost flat, and play with different front deck beams till I find one I can *just* squeeze my legs under. ;> (I use Greenland style paddles and prefer to have a really low deck.)

A quick question on the stitch-and-glue process; the "New Kayak Shop" book describes filleting the seams with thickened epoxy before taping. In Net surfing, though, I've seen some sites that use a syringe to squeeze a thin layer of epoxy between the seams instead, before taping. I'd have to guess that the fillets are stronger, but also would guess that they weigh more, too. Anyone have any experience with the "squeezed" epoxy joints? I'd like to save weight on the kayak wherever I can, but would also like my boat to not crack into pieces. :>

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