Re: WR18 hatches

Posted by Mike D on Oct 7, 2005

Thanks for the feedback. Already have the CLC Bonzia saw and it should do a good job. However, I am a bit concerned with having to make the cut-out smaller then the openning to accomodate epoxy, and maybe glass, on the edges. A Rotozip and template would leave an even kerf all around. BUT one miss-step would make a big mess in a hurry. The creative part would be trying to explain 'xactly why hatches with tails are better then those without like everyone else cuts.

Ah yes, the springback. Do you remember how much you allowed for each? The building tips say to make the jig radius 1 inch tighter then the planing gauges. It does seem logical that the tighter front radius would be under more stress and need more preload then the rear.

Happy building, MD

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