Re: ROS vs 1/4 sheet sand

Posted by John Short on Oct 7, 2005

Don, as I don't know what a 1/4 sheet sander is, this may not be of much help. Most sanders just do that, sand, like a typical belt sander or a palm vibrating sander, sor a disc sander. They all work in certain applications, as probably does your 1/4 sheet sander. What makes the ROS sander different is it is perfect for dealing with the fine wood that is involved in kayak building, okomue. Very thin and if a regular type sander were left in place too long, you would do some damage to your end product, as would a ROS if left too long, but it may be a bit more forgiving. As it's name implies, the sanding surface orbits randomly, neither too fast nor too slow. Go check them out at Lowes or Home Depot and you'll see what I mean. Hope this cleared the mud up a bit! John

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