Re: WR18 hatches

Posted by Patrick Forrester on Oct 7, 2005

I just built a wr18 with flush mount hatches.

I do not think Location is so critical if you do not put them in a real bad place. It should be obvous.

To cut the openings use a bonzia saw from clc. I have tried other bonzia saws and they are way too big. The saw clc sells is about the size of a small steak knife.

Draw pencil lines on the deck, drill small 1/16th starter holes right next to each other on the lines. Then start cutting. Take your time, and be careful to not separate the glass from the wood. It will happen a little no matter how hard you try, but if you are careful you can limit it. When you cut, take your time and it will be ok. You will get the hang of it after cutting your 1st inch.

When you laminate the hatches on a jig to give them the proper radious, make sure you account for some spring back. both hatches wills spring back some. The front hatch will spring back more.

In Response to: WR18 hatches by Mike D on Oct 5, 2005