Re: Decals vs Onlays

Posted by Gober on Oct 4, 2005

Hey there Robert. I just finished two MC 13 yaks. Both boths have onlays and decals under the glass. I printed my decals on Testers Decal paper, its the same stuff they use on model cars. You dip it in water and the clear decal slides off the paper, then you apply. I put down a small coat of epoxy where the decal is to be placed then let it dry, this prevents a dry looking spot under the decal. Then, that decal film is super thin and tends to wrinkle, so I printed the decal then took some really clear packing tape and taped over it. Then I trimmed as close as possile to the letters. Then I applied the decal. That clear packing tape helped a ton.

Check out my little web site. The pictures show the boat with fill coats but not smooth sanded. You will notice the boats look textured.

It may take a while to load, it has large pictures.

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