Re: Where do I start??!!!

Posted by Ed, NY on Oct 2, 2005

I may be crazy but I ripped a 4x8 piece of plywood in half length wise. Screwed through it into a 2x4 frame set in one inch all around and then screwed some legs underit. I now have 2 2x8 tables. the overhang gives you a place to clamp things. I started with the tables end to end to do the long stuff. then set one next to the other so I could have the hull on one and all the tools, glue, parts etc on the other. Just turn around and grab and turn back and enough room next to the yak to put a clamp down for a few seconds if I needed to free a hand. When not building boats they are worth it for other work. When the top gets ugly I just slap some masonite over it and keep on going. A bit of time but well worth the effort.

I've even pulled them out into the back yard to serve a bar b que buffet on them.

Used the cockpit as an Ice cooler for the beer! Ed

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