Re: Is that all wood?

Posted by Gober on Sep 30, 2005

Itís all wood except for the printed Coat of Arms. It was really easy to do. I am no genius or master crafts man, heck itís only my second boat. I havenít even finished my first boat yet, and itís been like 1 and half years on it. Boat two really has gone together quickly though, I have been working in it for maybe a month. This weekend I hope to have them both finished, and then Iíll take some more photos. The veneer was really cheap. The ribbon cut maple was 20 bucks for 10 sheets all the other veneer was leftovers from boat number 1. I got the veneers from my local Rockler store. If you need more info on how it was done I can take some picture and stick it on the web. I have found it easier to tape the entire veneer together on the top then glue the entire thing down at once. On my other boat I tried to glue each piece separately but contact cement kept creeping between the joints.

In Response to: Is that all wood? by Robert N Pruden on Sep 29, 2005