Mixing Cups & Pumps

Posted by CLC on Sep 29, 2005

For those of us who have spent anytime using epoxy have mixed at least one batch incorrectly. Who has lost count of the number of pumps - and how many of us have put the wrong pump in the wrong container? The list goes on…

The fact is, if you mix a little too much of one or the other, it will still cure just fine but slower. The more the mixture is off, the slower it will cure. The good news is, as long as it cures hard, the bond strength will be plenty strong for our application. If you need help speeding up the cure time, set up a clip-on shop lamp with a 100w bulb and “bake it”. We do this in our shop from time to time. Be safe, we don’t want anyone to burn down his or her shop.

I’m glad you commented on the mixing cups, as they are the most accurate way to mix epoxy - period. We really like the pumps here at CLC, and 99% of the time they work just fine. But by using a combination of the pumps and mixing cups, you will be sure to get the mixture dead-on every time. Mixing cups are about $.99/ea and can be found at your local hardware or paint store.

Ed @ CLC

In Response to: Re: Resin pump failure by Jim Robinson on Sep 29, 2005