Re: Resin pump failure

Posted by Jim Robinson on Sep 29, 2005

I mispoke in the first post, it was the hardener pump (not resin) that was pumping too much. I think I pressed too hard on it and did something to the stop.I can't be sure but my best guess was about 3 parts hardener and 2 parts resin.

I checked it this morning and it seems reasonably hard, not tacky at all. One things for sure, its not coming off. I might put a layer of tape along the keel on the outside under the cloth (double layer the keel).

The pumps are convenient but I am going to pump into metered containers to double check from now on. I've always used metered containers in the past and never had a problem. You can buy them by the hundreds in all sizes from fiberglass supply dot com(they apparently buy them from medical suppliers, my medium size cups are labeled "barium").

Thanks for you post, I feel better now.


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