Re: Seaward Rudder

Posted by LeeG on Sep 29, 2005

I installed the Feathercraft double rudder on the Chesapeake triple shown on the CLC double/tripple webpage. Shortly thereafter it was replaced with a Seaward rudder with a bracket screwed to the hull. For a double I'd recommend a bracket mounted rudder instead of a through deck pin since the deck mounted rudder raises the rudder an inch,,and that's an inch the rudder isn't deeper in the water,(look at double rudders on Necky and VCP doubles). Likewise the amount of reinforcing the hole requires(endpour/top of hole) is close to the amount of material that is already in a bracket. You might consider other footbrace options for such a wide kayak in that having your feet placed far apart isn't exactly the most ergonomically efficient position.

In Response to: Seal Line Rudder by Paul S on Sep 29, 2005