Seal Line Rudder

Posted by Paul S on Sep 29, 2005

I am finishing the completion of a new garage up here in Alaska and now have the space to embark on the construction of a Ches. Double, it'll be the first Kayak I've built!

During my research, I looked at the Pygmy boats as well, although I didn't choose one. However, several of the offered acoutrements for their boats still catch my eye and I wish CLC offered them as well, but I digress.

They offer a different rudder from the CLC Feathercraft, they offer the Seal Line. The mounting system for the Seal line rudder they offer looks stronger than the single drilled pin and bushing offered by CLC. Has anyone any experience mounting a Seal Line on a Ches Double or any thoughts on the quality and usage of the Feathercraft Rudder versus the Seal Line?

Smooth trails,