“Not Self, but Country”

Posted by Gober on Sep 27, 2005

I just finished an awesome onlay, it’s an American flag. The flag is hanging sort limp, making a triangle at the top then sort of lying back over its self. The onlay was a little over 36 inches from tip to tail. I think it was over 50 pieces in all. I used walnut for blue, cherry for red, ribbon cut maple for the white stripes and bird’s eye maple for the stars. That ribbon cut maple looks like a waving flag. I left the wood all natural no stains. I can wait to get the glass on it and wet it out.

This boat is going to be a gift for my twin that getting out of the navy.

I also put the crests, of both the ships he server on, on each side of the cockpit covering the deck seam. I printed the crest on glossy photo paper because it has white in them. Then I cut to shape and sprayed a clear coat on them then glued them down.

Then I used deal paper from Hobby Lobby to print out his name and the phrase “Not Self, but Country” (the unofficial navy motto). His name will go directly behind the cockpit while the phrase “Not Self, but Country” will arch around the front of the cockpit.

Now I have used the decal paper before and know that stuff is very tricky, so this time I tried a different technique. First I painted the area that’s going to be decaled with epoxy. After that dried I printed the decals on decal paper. Then I got some “crystal clear” packing tape (made by Duck Tape) and taped over the printed decal. Then I cut the clear taped decal out and dipped it in water to loosen the paper backing and place it in its proper place. The “Crystal Clear” tape did not allow the decal to wrinkle or fold up.

Pictures soon!