Oh the grid lock

Posted by Gober on Sep 27, 2005

I posted "Houston Escape" when I got back. We left Friendswood at 3:00 am on Thursday and made it all the way to The Woodlands by 10:00pm that night. The RV broke down on Barker Cypress and 290. We managed to get it parked behind a Randall's. Then we tapped its tank and filled up our other cars. Now I feel really bad about how I got the siphon hose. I guess desperate timeís calls for desperate measures. In the words of the late Johnny Cash "I'd never consider myself a thief, but GM wouldn't miss one little piece." and I hope that Dry Cleaners wouldn't miss that piece of hose I had to cut off their drive up bell.

I canít wait to download my drive log from my GPS. From Houston to Aledo Texas it took 33 hours driving time. I just did the math we averaged 9 miles an hour.

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