Checking In

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Sep 27, 2005

Howdy Gang!

Yup, my resolute ol' dad wasn't about to budge, and by golly, if that's gonna be the case, I ain't about to leave him no matter what brews up out there. This state of affairs resulted in a zillion family and friends pleading and begging him to go, and several leaning on me to take direct action. There is little risk of overstating the matter when I mention that he's kind of an illustrious old fart, and much beloved by many...

But when he saw the local "Wataburger" shut down and boarded up, he panicked. ROAD TRIP!

I tossed him in my Taco 4x4 and headed directly into the unbelievable gridlock. After two hours of it, we both decided it was better all around to just go ahead and die, so I took the next exit ramp. But we performed a little experiment since we weren't doing anything else, and hit the streets and roads of H'ston. Turned out that Westheimer took us far out of town, headed west, like we had rockets strapped our back. Cool!

Once out of town, I used my intimate knowledge of every little backroad in the state of Texas, plus a little off-road action, to fairly breeze onward towards ol' San Antone, past 'er, and on to the tiny town of Pipe Creek, near Bandera. Took a mere 12 hours, a bargain considering our late departure and what was happening to everybody else. We landed with plenty of fuel remaining aboard (a little pre-planning was involved here).

We went to one of my dad's best friend's place, and you just wouldn't believe it. He'd built a brand new house on a hilltop that was simply fabulous -- looked like a feature out of "Architectural Digest", where each guest even had his own Roman bath and incredible views out each winder. It was just us three bachelors (long and amusing story there, but that's the short of it). I have literally never been so pampered in my life -- we lived, ate, and slept in the highest of style by anyone's standards!

Friend's dad-in-law lives in a (spectacular) house very nearby, and these two guys share an equally fabulous fabulous woodshop. The old man is a combination master woodworker and Scottish engineer, famous for the clocks he builds. I sepnt much time in the shop with him, picking his brain, and learning a great deal about all sorts of stuff; particularly on the art of marquetry (using a scroll saw he built himself - yes, I took pictures).

I really need to write a full essay on the experience, as it is truly one for the books. But the gist of it is that I am now something of a folk hero for getting my dad outa there, and seeing to his safety and complete comfort until once again safely deposited in his own home (he has greatly benefitted a huge number of people himself, it is important to note). As for me, I had the time of my life!

On the drive home last night, Dad and I agreed that we're secretly kinda hoping for another hurricane. It was too much fun.

But seriously, we both understand that we dodged a real bullet, and how wonderful it was to see everything intact yet. Just wonderful. Would all disaster scenarios end thusly for everyone...

Oh, the kayaks? Well, I took my Outer Island along, and left the others to their fate. In fact, I packed very little and so did he. There are more important things in life than things, y' know... too bad more folks can't seem to get that. Sure wished we had more planning time, woulda loved to meet Jay.

Cheers! Kurt