Re: CH 14 vs 16 LT

Posted by terry on Sep 15, 2005

I've built a 16LT as well as a few 14s. The 14 works well for my wife (5'8", 115 lbs.), but is not as comfortable for her as her 16LT. For your wife's shorter legs, it should be fine. I also am working on a modified 14 for myself (5'10, 175), which will be and inch deeper and wider

I do believe the 14 is not quite so stable as the 16 LT.

Also, with careful construction, you can get the weight of a 14 down to about 30 or 31 lbs. I used 4mm for the bottom panels, but 3mm for everything else. Like you, the 14s we have are for shorter trips on protected waters, so I used 4oz. cloth on the hull, skipped the cloth on the decks (except for some cloth under the deck behind the cockpit) and skipped the hatches. Nice to have a boat that I, with my weak back, can shoulder and throw on the car.

Good luck, and if you have specific construction questions, e-mail me.


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