Re: CH 14 vs 16 LT

Posted by Howard on Sep 14, 2005

the 14 is significantly smaller and lighter than a 16lt.

it paddles nicely and is a very pretty boat.

fwiw..i am not a great fan of being below the weight range of a kayak. when they do not sit within their design lines, the handling can become challenging in anything but calm conditions. your wife is ok on the 16lt...and your daughter is probably close enough to 100lbs that it is a boat you could go with after you add the normal gear (lifejacket/shoes/clothes...etc.). The 16lt certainly has grow room for your daughter and probably has the added advantage of being a more viable guest boat for adult guests.

i think both boats will be very comfortable and stable. so i think its a matter of what you think you want to be seen paddling in (looks) the extent that the weight and size/length difference don't push you to the 14lt.

taking a test paddle would be the best way to decide....look at the owners club on the site...maybe somebody has a 14 and 16lt nearby.


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