Re: CH 14 vs 16 LT

Posted by George K on Sep 14, 2005


SInce both your wife and daughter are the right size for the 14 according to CLC's chart I'd go with it. The 16lt would be way too much boat for your daughter and, possibly, your wife. I built a 17lt for my wife but she's 5'10" and, uh, she weighs, well, she's slightly above the minimum paddler weight listed on the table. Bottom line is she loves the boat and our first trip was 5 hours with no way to get out as the river was in flood stage. I put the Happy Bottom pad in both boats (mine's a wr18) and there wasn't a problem with comfort. And the CH models are incredibly stable. Not too slack on speed, either.

Happy building, George

In Response to: CH 14 vs 16 LT by Jim Robinson on Sep 14, 2005