CH 14 vs 16 LT

Posted by Jim Robinson on Sep 14, 2005

Hello, I've searched the archives for this comparison but haven't found it directly. I am looking to build a kayak to be used by my daughter (5'0" 90 lbs) and wife (5'3" 110 lbs). I've narrowed it down the either the CH 14 or 16 LT. They are begginning kayakers, as am I, and comfort is a prime consideration (as opposed to performance or the utmost efficiency). Most trips will be short, 2 hours or less, and on calm flat water. I am concerned that the 14 would be cramped for my wife, and conversely the 16 might be a little large for my daughter. I'm not really sure what questions I should be asking here, but any and all opinions are welcome.

This will be my second boat, I recently finished a Millcreek 13.

Thanks Jim