Wet seat

Posted by Chris F on Sep 13, 2005

All is well with my new boat (launched at the end of July), but I have a storage question. I make sure that I remove the hatches in order to keep the compartments dry. I wipe down the boat to remove most of the water (I'm not compulsive, but I try to get the puddles). I find that if I put pressure on the seat, I get a little water to squirt out. Not much, but some. Clearly, the seat is allowing a little water underneath (generally at the deepest part of the "v". I tend to doubt that I'll ever get a perfect seat seal (I'm using the tractor pad).

My question is: Will prolonged dampness under the seat cause a problem? Everything under there is well sealed, so I'm not immediately concerned about wetting the wood, but in the long run might I have a problem? Or even... mildew? Not a big deal, but I thought I might ask.