Re: 18 vs 17lt

Posted by Karl on Sep 12, 2005

To give you a frame of reference, I am 6' 8" tall and tip the scales at over 300lbs, with a size 14 shoe. I am a very comfortable fit in a Chessie 18, the only point that is a minor squeeze is my feet, which are quite comforatable when barefoot or with wetsocks, but even a pair of river shoes cause my feet to catch on the underside of the deck. I have a friend with a Chessie 17 who is 6' 3" about 220-230lbs and a size 13 shoe. He loves his boat.

Both boats give you a ton of space to pack stuff, not that I've had occasion to use it all, though my friend has done some camping out of his. Both boats are very stable with the loads we typically carry, both track well. The 17 LT is likely to have a bit less initial stability, and a little lower rear deck height. Probably be an easier kayak to roll with, if that appeals to you. From the sounds of it long trips are not part of your plans, and an LT would more than capably carry a picnic lunch and a change of clothes for a day trip. All of them will handle chop well, the LT might weathercock a little less in the wind. At your height and weight, you're fortunate. Most of the fleet will fit you just fine. I would think (and this is just an opinion) that if you don't intend to do more than daytripping, the LT might be a good bet. It's just a slightly sportier version. Most people seem to start with a kayak that is a little big for them, then as they get more involved in the sport, and start picking up better technique, end up preferring a slightly lower volume kayak.

Just my $0.02

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