3mm tent line

Posted by LeeG on Sep 12, 2005

that's the problem with it,it's too skinny. 5mm or 3/16" is a better diameter. Methinks it was made for tent lines to catch folks eyes stumbling around the camp at night and Perception or someone in the kayak industry thought it would work on kayaks. Then it showed up in 40' lengths in sporting good stores like EMS. If you actually use a perimeter line for grabbing/flipping a kayak with cold fingers I can't say there's anything positive about 3mm 1/8" line over 5mm 3/16" line except it's cheaper. The stuff is shiny while new but after a while covered in salt it loses it's reflectivity faster than a SOLAS patch. It's pretty though.

In Response to: Reflective line by FrankP on Sep 12, 2005