allergic wood reaction?

Posted by mullman on Sep 12, 2005

The strangest thing happened to me over the weekend. On Saturday I did some serious sanding to the rudder and daggerboard of my Eastport Pram. This was cutting through ply layers of the okume to make some nice edges. I was wearing a mask and glasses (just eyeglasses, NOT eyeprotection).

Everything was normal Saturday night although my wife said my face was a little puffy.

Sunday morning my head was a freaking balloon and my eyes were swelled shut and I could not see for about an hour after waking. I have a rash on my face and arms. Today, Monday, is MUCH better. Rashes subsiding and eyes swollen, but not as bad.

Anyone heard of this type of reaction working with wood? I had a mild rash on my hands a few weeks ago, but really did not think anything of it. It was itchy, but went away in a day or so.

Otherwise I am in very good health, cannot even remember the last time I was sick, never miss work, ect. In other words I do usually have a stable immune system.


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