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Posted by Karl on Sep 12, 2005

A "stripper" deck, refers to a deck built out of cedar strips laid side by side and edge glued to each other. It takes a little more work to accomplish this, but the end results can be gorgeous. If you play with the natural variations in the wood grain and color, you can create amazing patterns in your deck. The technique is used for entire boats as well, but the process (unless your name is Kurt, and you live in TX) is usually pretty time consuming. A strip deck, stitch and glue hulled kayak is also referred to as a hybrid. Kurt's Cormorant web page shows a nicely executed pair of hybrids and the site is pretty entertaining as well. It's a fun read. The new Shearwater series coming out from CLC are available as hybrids, and they are very pretty. Below is a shot of a very nicely built, all cedar strip kayak, built by a gentleman named Roger Turgeon. It should give you an idea as to what can be done with strips. Bear in mind, this was his first boat. Check out what he did with contrasting color strips around the perimeter of the gunwales.

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