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Posted by Moe on Sep 12, 2005

as long as the woods pretected np. however light does have effect on wood. nothing doing on the construction side but it changes the coller so unless you've painted the jak or want half the kjak to be much lighter colored then the other keep it out of the sun. you may want to cover it in that uv wax if you're picky that keep damp, uv and scraches from interfearing with you wonderful construction. also if you have a feather craft rudder instaled be shure the room around and under the axis that goes into the end pour is dry. and like mac said open the hatches. teamprature isent that importent with protected wood like the stuff you're jaks built off but try to avoid sudden temprutare changes.

remember that plywood isent whole wood and therefore does'nt qalefy as live wood it will not age as wood should. however you're shear clamps i imagen.

and b.t.w. glass is UV proff.

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