Re: I Use Wood Glue

Posted by Dave S on Sep 10, 2005

I's te4sted three types of glue for scarfs. Titebond II, Goprilla Glue and epoxy / Cabosil.

Epoxy / Cabosil seems strongest, but very hard to sand flush.

Gorilla glue is very strong, but the foam is a pain to clean off sometimes and messy. Even if you clean the squeeze out after clamping, the foam still comes out during the cure period. I won't use it again for a boat scarf.

Titebond II works well and is easy to clean and sand clear. Also better working time than epoxy and when the joints have good tolerance , is very strong. Don't fall into the trap that this glue or that glue has good gap filling properties. a bad joint is a bad joint and glue won't make up for poor joinery for the most part. (although thickened epoxy with cabosil as the thickener does allow for some goofs).

A Lot of builders / designers of Strip Built products recomend that epoxy NOT be used to glue the strips due to the clean up problems after the stuff sets. They do however seal the boats with epoxy / glass cloth.

So.........the only prolem I can forsee with using a waterproof / resistant glue for the scarfs is poor maintenance down the road. But that will doom your boat the choice is yours.


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