Re: Glue for scarfs

Posted by Steve Miller on Sep 9, 2005

You will waste more epoxy building the boat than you will use in scarfs. Don't sweat it. Just mix with an eye towards not having too much. Hard for scarfs since its the first glue up you do. I would mix just a few ounces - maybe two and see how much you get coated (both sides of the scarf glue joint). Then add some thickener to your cup and smear a thin coat on one side - won't take much since the thickener adds volume. Align and clamp your scarf. Now notice how much you had left and adjust accordingly for the next scarf. You will get much better at judging how much to mix. Neat fillets probably save the most goo in the boat. Follow the instuctions for taping off the areas so you work neater. Have fun!

In Response to: Glue for scarfs by Larry Price on Sep 9, 2005