A bear to haul, help

Posted by raul on Sep 8, 2005

I have two wheels and a cradle to move this boat around. The idea came from somewhere that I don't remember. A metal hand truck ($18 at Northern Tool & Equipt.): With 4", right angle (grinder) cut off tool or hack saw; cut and discard the unnecessary parts and keep only the cradle, shaft and two wheels. Cover the cradle(pipes) with a/c insulation held with tie-wrap ($2.00). Two nylon straps with snap buckles ($7.00) bought at Joann Fabrics or similar sewing or fabric center. If you like, I can e-mail you some pictures of what I have done. It's perfect, cheap and easy.

In Response to: Re: A 75 lb MC 16.5! by Tom M. (MD) on Sep 8, 2005