Re: Nails & deck attachme

Posted by Karl on Sep 6, 2005

Assuming that you are building from a kit, or that you have purchased the appropriately sized nails based on CLC's recommendations from a set of plans, the ring nails will go in just fine.

I am also assuming that you are nailing the oversized pieces of plywood to the shear clamps, then trimming the deck to size. This reduces any risk of splitting the wood at he very edge, because you are nailing inside the edge by a couple of inches.

What can, and will split the plywood however is the process of bending it to the radius of the curve if not done properly. Make sure that you use even pressure and as many straps as possible to put the curve into the plywood. Pressure the straps a little at a time, back and forth between a few of them in order to spread the stresses evenly.

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