Re: Fastest Way to Paddle

Posted by craig on Sep 6, 2005

There was a fairly good artical in the August Sea Kayaker, the one with Paddle Lake Powell.Most of what everyone else has said is pretty good. Start by sitting up straight, then lean forward slightly at the waist. Keep a grip about 4 inches wider then your shoulders, keep your arms straight except for a chicken wing to raise the blade that you finished with. Rotate your torso. I prefer to ahve my legs slightly straigter than Kurt, you want your knee to almost straighten when you push with that leg. Having your knees too highe can cause cramps and make it slightly harder to balance.The best paddle is usually not longer than 220 cm. Don't worry about your hip rotation yet, but remember it for later. A rudder is a good idea when racing, also. It will allow you to get in more power strokes by cutting out the strokes necessary to straighten out your yak. Keep your hands high except for rough water, try to keep your stroke the same but lower your hands to build in a little bit of a brace. Good Luck Craig P.S. I'm in my third year of racing. I currently paddle an ICF K-1(old spec.) and used to race a Pax 20

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