Re: 1957 Sailfish

Posted by terry on Sep 6, 2005


I remember the plywood Sailfishes as a boy and I sailed a few. Tender things to sail, but fast if you could stay upright. The beamier, more stable Sunfishes quickly made the sailfish obsolete.

Anyhow, I do recall seeing a wooden one smashed in a storm. Pretty much hollow, as I recall. They also had a drain plug on the transom that could be used to empty any leakage, and should be left open during storage with a piece of cardboard in it to improve veltilation. Why not just reapir the dings, repaint and see if she'll float?

Also, these boats were made by a company called Alcort, which was, I believe, later taken over by AMF. Not sure if AMF is still around, but googling them may lead you to old Alcort plans, owvers manuals, maybe even old rudder and sail hardware if you need it.

In Response to: 1957 Sailfish by JohnO on Sep 3, 2005