Re: Fastest Way to Paddle

Posted by Josh on Sep 6, 2005


Good summary.


I have been paddling my 17lt for 4 or 5 years now and I have entered several races with it. I have done well when the boats are split up into different performance groups. The 17lt falls into the "sea kayak" class with many other boats, including heavier plactic models. The quick turning ability of this hard chined design helped me win a race on a twisty river in MA. It's awesome tracking can help you focus on foreward stroke mechanics instead of constant course adjustments.

In the end, fitness and correct stroke dynamics can bring you a long way, and the CH 17lt is a great boat to start with. If you really enjoy racing and plan to do it often, then you may want to consider which boat you will build next. There are many classes and sytles of kayak racing and it's a good idea to test paddle as many boats as you can.


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