Re: Fastest Way to Paddle

Posted by Howard on Sep 5, 2005

rocking the boat is wasted motion. if you lean, the boat is going to want to turn, which means you're again wasting energy keeping the boat pointed straight vs propelling the boat forward.

as for general speed potential of a kayak ....that is more a function of length overall, wetted surface area, hull shape and windage. your racing kayaks are long, rounded bottom, narrow/pointy, and do not have a lot of freeboard(above the waterline/windage).

if you watch racers, there is very little rocking going on. the most important thing, is that in their paddling motion, they are paddling using their torso and leg muscles, they are not "arm paddling" this allows them to engage the larger muscles groups to do the work....which allows you to go longer and faster than you could just using your arms.

there are a couple really good videos, The Brent Reitz Forward Stroke Clinic for example, which you can order on the clc web site that does a great job of demonstrating the technique I am referring to.

the clc 17lt for amatuer/fun races is a perfectly fast machine...i think you will find that it is going to be about your stroke effectiveness and efficiency and your stamina...not the hull....that is going to determine where you finish.

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